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Climbing the Ladder.
Competitor Analysis

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Industry Research

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Hidden Gaps

The hidden gaps in the market are often the most important way to break into your industry as a new business.

We research differently.

While most companies do competition analysis and industry research the majority miss out the steps that actually get results.
Finding the hidden gaps that allow your business to grow, As a new site you don’t start at the top, you have to work your way up. By finding the gaps and flaws of your competition you can start picking up clients straight off the bat while climbing to the top of the ladder in your industry.

Design & Build.
With a perfectly optimised tech stack.
Make Google love your business.
Google My business.

3 weeks, brand new business now ranking number 1 organically listing for an extremely competitive keyword in a one mile radius from listing position.

The start of climbing the ladder by finding competitor weaknesses.

Googles organic search results.

Once your business has started to get results from Google my business it’s time to switch over to the organic search results and target specific keywords so you appear in multiple places on the first page of google.

Site's that Fly.
Ask to early, They Run, Ask to late, They are gone forever.
£1 out = £2 in... £100k out = £200k in...
Start with Retargeting.

on averagae it can take a potential customer 7 visitrs before they purchase.

selling to pepopele that are already proven to buy from you.

Grow with Fresh Leads.

on averagae it can take a potential customer 7 visitrs before they purchase.

selling to pepopele that are already proven to buy from you.

Scale with growth hacking campaigns.

Competitions, Viral Contests, Referal prizes, Affiliate commissions, Books or digital reports, Authority marketing…

Most agencies don’t teach you this stuff… We do

Why Choose Us.
Why are we Different.

You will get 1 of 2 things out of this call:

1:  You will get a formula to grow your business.
2:   We will do everything for you and you will get results.

It’s Win Win!

We do not build websites designed as a hidden treasure for no one to see.

We only work with businesses that want to get results. While most agencies will happily build you a site without explaining what you need to get a return on your investment we focus on making sure you understand the big picture before you start your journey.

The happiest clients are the ones that receive the best results from our work. That’s why we focus on getting results by ensuring even our most basic projects have all the systems in place to track, grow and scale.

Your website design is the easy bit (SEO optimised, high converting, GDPR compliant, Lightening fast, Secure, High email deliverability and all the good stuff).

However, If you want results you need to know where your visitors came from and what made them buy your products, This allows you to focus your marketing campaigns on these traffic sources to get more from them. It also allows you to spot new potential profit sources to target in future campaigns so you can scale your business.

That’s why we setup Google analytics ( including GA4), Tag manager, Search console, Google my business & more)

If there is a better path for you to take, We will tell you…

When I started this site, It was a case study to prove to local businesses they could move into an extremely competitive market and start getting sales and growing their brand fast (we closed our first big client in 4 weeks from deciding what type of business to start).

The truth is, I focus on getting the right clients that I know I can get results for.

So I can tell you the truth about what I believe to be the best path for you to take and where you should or should not invest your money. So you get results ASAP with or without our help.

Believe it or not, some businesses are better off creating a facebook group than having a website…

We care about you and the results your business gets.

We go that extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and even provide extra attention to help you take control if you want to learn yourself.

We provide live video training sessions, one to one or groups so you can take control and add content without having to hire us to make simple changes every time you want to add new content. We setup systems to make it very easy for you to take over after the initial setup if you so wish.

This along with regular check ups, security analysis, uptime monitoring, daily backups, and even ranking reports to track your progress. 

We want to ensure you get the best results possible and we are always just a call away.

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Climbing the Ladder.
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